1 April 2022 (Changes in Bold Green)

An update on NHS dental services at our practice

Please continue to wear face coverings (unless exempt), social-distancing within practice and use the hand sanitising gel.

Under the Government's guidance "Health and care settings will continue to maintain appropriate infection prevention and control processes as necessary and this will be continually reviewed. Guidance will be updated based on the latest clinical evidence. You can find this online:


In line with the Government’s guidance, England’s Chief Dental Officer Sara Hurley has informed us that the infection prevention control measures in dentistry should continue to be followed until further notice. These are important measures from Public Health England aimed at limiting the spread of the virus in dental settings. We’re also continuing to follow NHS dentistry’s standard operating procedure which helps us make this guidance work.

This means three things for patients:

1. If you need to come into the surgery for an appointment, please remember that social distancing remains in place in the dental practice and to wear a face covering upon entering the building.

2. We will continue to have restrictions on leaving time between patients to ventilate rooms if we perform an aerosol generating procedure. An aerosol generating procedure (AGP) is a medical procedure that can result in the release of airborne particles (aerosols) from the respiratory tract when treating someone who is suspected or known to be suffering from an infectious agent transmitted wholly or partly by the airborne or droplet route. In dentistry, for example, this means the use of something like a high speed drill. This impacts how many patients we can fit into a working day.

3. We are also following the Chief Dental Officer’s advice that we should prioritise patients for treatment based on urgency and priority groups, such as those more at risk of dental disease or children.

Similar public health measures are still in place for hospitals and GP practices, too.


Every dental practice is working extremely hard to provide care to our patients within the restrictions and guidance to ensure it’s safe to visit the dentist.


We hope that this helps clarify why these measures are in place for every dental practice. Please do give us a call if you are registered with us and have not been contacted for your check-ups.

Please do familiarise with the 'Updated Patient Journey' below


  • We may need to give you some information ahead of your appointment. 

  • We may ask you to complete a new medical history form.

  • You may be asked to do a pre-payment.


  • We ask you not bring any valuables and unnecessary items.

  • Before travelling to the practice, ensure you are hydrated and have visited the lavatory.  

  • Please brush and floss.   

  • Ensure you attend your appointment alone unless you require assistance or you are supporting a child or someone who is vulnerable (Please limit this to one person)

  • We ask you turn up at least 5 minutes early for the appointment (we will need to reschedule the appointment if you arrive late)

  • Please do wear a face covering if you are not exempted.   

  • When you enter, there is a disinfection gel if you wish to use 

  • Our receptionists will be behind a transparent screen and they will be wearing masks. The practice will be observing detailed infection control guidelines.

  • Please do observe the 2-meter social distancing labels/markers on the floor.





  • You will see and hear a ventilator machine working at the background in the surgery room. 

  • Please do not be offended if we do not shake hands. The surgery doors may be left open, so you do not need to open or shut them.

  • The dentist and the dental nurse will have donned their PPE.

  • Before the start of any dental procedure, you may be asked to rinse with a mouthwash for 1 minute before a procedure only if you wish to.




  • When leaving the treatment room, please replace your face mask

  • We are encouraging contactless card payment when possible. If you are paying by cash, we ask you to bring the exact amount if possible.

  • Before you leave the practice, please do use the disinfection gel.


Caldecott Dental Practice operates a zero tolerance policy. Any patient who is verbally or physically violent or abusive to our members of staff or to other patients will be refused treatment and reported to the appropriate authority. 


We apologise for any inconvenience these steps caused but we hope that you will understand this is for everyone's best interest and we are trying to do our best throughout this difficult time. 


For more information please visit


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When Leaving the Surgery Room

Zero Tolerance Policy

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