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Root Canal Treatment is when the nerve of a tooth becomes irreversibly infected but there is still enough tooth tissue for a final restoration. This happens when the tooth has been traumatized or when dental decay has reached deep within the tooth. 

The objective of a root canal is to remove the inflamed (or abscessed) pulpal tissue and to replace it with a biocompatible paste; Gutta Percha. The coronal part of the tooth is sealed with a restoration and the tooth usually will require a crown.


Although the tooth can be considered to be dead (no more feeling of hot and cold) it’s periodontal (gum) attachment remains healthy so you can still feel normal pressure on it when biting down.

A tooth which has had a root canal will however tend to darken and becomes dry and brittle and can fracture. This is why all teeth which have been subjected to a root canal require a crown.

Most of the time, our dentists are able to perform the root canal procedure in primary care dentistry. However, there are sometimes, the root canal procedure may require specialist intervention especially when require additional aided magnification such as microscope, complex curvature of the root morphology. 

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