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Do you avoid smiling in public just because you are afraid of showing your heavily stained teeth? You can get your beautiful smile and charming appearance back by getting your teeth stains removed with the help of tooth whitening.


What is Tooth Whitening?

Tooth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure which involves the application of a mild bleaching agent (usually carbamide peroxide) to remove your teeth stains. The bleaching agent penetrates the enamel layer of the teeth and dissolves the coffee, tea and tobacco stains.


What are Different Types of Tooth Whitening?

Tooth whitening is of two types:

  • Extrinsic Tooth Whitening – this type of tooth whitening is performed to remove external teeth stains, such as those caused due to coffee, tea, tobacco or other colored foods.

  • Intrinsic Tooth Whitening – this type of tooth whitening is performed to remove stains which have developed inside the tooth. This involves gaining access inside the tooth and directly applying the bleaching agent into the tooth’s interior. Usually this is done after root canal treatment.


Which Stains Cannot be removed through Tooth Whitening?

Stains that were incorporates during the developmental stages of teeth, such as tetracycline or fluorosis stains are permanent, and cannot be removed through tooth whitening.


At Caldecott Dental, we offer patients the leading tooth whitening bleaching gel; Pola Day and Pola Night. It works very well with most of our patients. 

We only offer a custom-made tooth whitening home tray kit as we believe it offers flexibility and also ease of use especially if you would like to bleach your teeth again after you had your first one. But we do recommend to bring your whitening tray with you if you would like a repeated prescription of the whitening gel.


Custom-made Tooth Whitening Tray Kit: This involves taking impressions of your teeth and having custom trays constructed. You will be shown how to apply the whitening gel onto your teeth using the custom made trays. The trays must then be worn for 1-2 hours per day / or overnight for a period of approximately 14 days.


Tooth Whitening


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