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Sports Guard

​Q: What is Sports Guard?
A: Sports guard is a heat-cured acrylic based appliance that serves to protect your teeth during contact sports.

Q: How do I get them?
A: We recommend a custom-made sports guard so that it will snug nicely on the teeth. This is usually best when you visit the dentist to have an impression taken to construct the custom-made sports guard.

Q: Can I have any colours on the sports guard?
A: Yes. You can choose a single-coloured or multi-coloured sports guard. Just need to inform the dentist your favourites!



Night Guard

Q; What is night guard?
A: Night guard is an oral appliance that you wear to protect your teeth from teeth grinding and clenching.

Q: Why do I need it?
A: You most probably have a sign of tooth wear where there is enamel chipped off, your back teeth are worn off or you experience some jaw muscle pain/discomfort. 

Q: How do I get them?
A: You will need to visit the dentist where an impression and occlusion record/registration are taken in order to construct the night guard.




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