Contemporary procedures and techniques in preventive dentistry have now resulted in significant reduction of cases where the extraction of a tooth becomes necessary. However, despite this, all teeth cannot be saved and may need to be extracted so as to prevent development of cavities or infection in the adjacent teeth.


When Tooth Extraction is required?

  • Frequent Infection of an Impacted Tooth – impacted, or partially impacted teeth are prone to infections and must be removed to prevent the infection of surrounding teeth.

  • Orthodontic Reasons – sometimes, teeth need to be removed during orthodontic treatment so as to create space and relieve crowding between the teeth.

  • Supernumerary Teeth – Extra teeth are neither helpful in eating nor do they have any role in speech. Therefore they should be extracted as soon as possible.

  • Teeth with Hopeless Prognosis – teeth that cannot be saved despite multiple restorative attempts must be extracted.


Is Dental Extraction Painful?

No, dental extraction is not painful since the patient are administered with a local anesthesia to make them relaxed and pain-free.



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