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Q: What is snoring?

A: Snoring is caused by the vibration of soft tissues in the throat and behind the tongue. Studies indicate that at least 30% of adults snore. Snoring can be a major factor in sleep disturbance and the resulting stress, leading to lack of energy, poor concentration, mood swings, and irritability. In the long term, snoring can also lead to high blood pressure and heart problems.


Sleep Apnoea
Q: What is sleep apnoea?

A: With Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) an increase in weight or a reduction in muscle tone can trigger the change from a partially blocked airway (snoring) to a completely blocked airway. It is common for the sufferer to be completely unaware of the disorder, and remain undiagnosed for several years. OSA has been linked to an increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.


Q: How can Somnowell Device help with snoring and sleep apnoea?

A: Somnowell for Snoring
The good news is that the overwhelming majority of people suffering from problematic snoring can be effectively treated using a Somnowell. The appliance is such an effective treatment for snoring because it tackles the problem at its root cause. The Somnowell is designed to gently hold the lower jaw and tongue in the 'recovery position' while you sleep, keeping the airway open

Somnowell for Sleep Apnoea
​The Somnowell sleeping aid is a very effective long-term treatment for obstructive sleep Apnoea. The Somnowell ensures an open airway is maintained throughout sleep, and is perfectly designed to meet the unique requirements of each user. A high level of precision goes into the design of the Somnowell, making it an extremely comfortable and effective treatment for sleep apnoea.


Q: How do I obtain Somnowell Device?

A: First, you have to make an appointment with our Somnowell Practitioner for assessment. Sessions of bite registrations and impressions will be required. Call to book a consultation here.


Q: Is everyone suitable to have Somnowell Device?

A: Full assessment is required to gauge its suitability but however there are a few contraindications which Somnowell may not be suitable for you.
The device is contraindicated for patients who:
​-have central sleep apnoea
-have severe respiratory disorders
-have loose teeth or advanced periodontal disease
-are under 18 years of age


Q: What are the side effects on wearing Somnowell device?

A: Use of the device may cause:
​​-tooth movement, change in dental occlusion or in jaw relations
-gingival or dental soreness
-pain or soreness to the temporomandibular joint
-obstruction of oral breathing (unlikely with Somnowell Chrome)
-excessive salivation

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Somnowell Device

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